At Bos Barcelona we have the best designers of exclusive furniture for executive workspace. Renowned designers and award-winners collaborate with us to create exclusive collections such as Jorge Pensi, Roberto Danesi, Antoni Arola and Henrik Sørig. A world-class team we can be proud of.

Roberto Danesi

Creating a complete office furniture system and not simply an object. A constant challenge in his career.

The essence of his creations rests in the synthesis between ergonomic, technological, economic, productive and distributive requirements. With each and every design, he strives to create a pleasing office ambience and complete user satisfaction.

TOURING. Mesa de conferencias


Mesa de conferencias o reuniones única y exclusiva para áreas de alta dirección corporativa. Proporciona un aire profesional y sofisticado al espacio corporativo.

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Roberto Danesi vows that his best product line is MUX. A desk design that many other manufacturers have been copying and producing imitations. He views technology as an ally for designers, a tool that opens doors to new creations and creates some distance from a designer’s typical routine.

He defines his style by the motto ‘Inspiration and Work’, and believes that a good idea will never become a good product if there is not hard work behind it. He adds that a good designer’s best weapon is the synthesis capacity available for each product.

With his arrival at BOS, the designer plans to tackle a whole different cultural reality. Danesi loves Barcelona and believes that he has arrived at a perfect time during which Spanish design is experiencing a ‘new spring’.

Jorge Pensi

He creates his best designs by drawing inspiration from complex challenges and blank canvases.

This Spaniard born in Buenos Aires and the creator of the Toledo chair, Jorge Pensi, sees his lifestyle reflected in his designs. Through his works, he tries to capture and mirror all of his creativity and genius.


FORO. Sofás para oficina


Colección de sillones, sofás y mesitas de centro con diseño geométrico y laterales customizables para una perfecta mimetización con distintos ambientes.

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To make his vocation—which is none other than creating objects—into reality, he believes that touch and vision are his best tools and his team his best ally for his constant striving to find the balance between poetry and realism, space and material, abstraction and emotion. He also aims to create a large number of sensations with the fewest resources possible.

His expressive designs have been awarded on numerous occasions. In 1997, this architect and industrial engineer was honoured with Spain’s National Design Award.

Some of his earliest designs, such as the Toledo chair and Regina lamp, have become icons of Spanish design. Jorge Pensi defines his vision of design with this motto: THE BEST IS YET TO COME.


Antoni Arola

Lighting, interior design, perfume bottle and—naturally—furniture projects. Versatility as one of his primary traits.

Arola combines teaching, workshops and two great passions and quests in his career: artistic experimentation and lighting research, which are clearly present in each and every one of his designs.

His renowned works have been exhibited at numerous group and individual events, and his designs can be seen in important cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, London, Mexico City, New York and Tokyo.

One of his most notable interior design projects is the Mos Espai Gastronòmic, for which he was honoured with the award for the Best Shop in the World by the Barcelona City Council in 1999. Other prominent awards include Spain’s National Design Award in 2003, the Silva Delta Award, which he has received four times, and a Red Dot Design Award in 2012.

Bos Design Team

A perfect team, made up of the best product, interior and industrial designers. A long career working together to design executive spaces. Spaces in which decisions are made.

Tradition. Expertise. Over 50 years specialising in furnishings for senior management areas. We work with the very best materials. We resolve the needs of our clients.


BCN. Mesa de juntas


La ambición de BCN se traduce en infinitas opciones que cubren todas las necesidades funcionales, estéticas y tecnológicas del área directiva para el desarrollo de sus reuniones.

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Projects that arise from inspiration, in parallel with the concrete needs of specific clients. Projects that we shape and craft, always with full respect for trends while striving for timelessness in the final design.

Functionality. Market trends. Combination of materials. Clients’ needs. Technology. Finishes. All of these features are what makes it possible for us to launch two new products per year.


Henrik Sorig

Danish designer Henrik Sørig loves the moment when ideas are born and with ideas, products. An instant when anything, everything, is possible. He states that a product is successful when it keeps providing satisfaction over time.

His modus operandi is firmly rooted in using materials in his own studio and working with manufacturers with passion and personality. Sørig is an industrial designer with numerous successful products created for renowned brands, such as Swarovski.




HELIUM. Diván para sala de espera o zonas de relax


Sofa de 2,4 y 6 plazas, de grandes dimensiones, con el que Henrik Sorig refleja el “danish design” a través de líneas simples y multifuncionales.

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His passion in the world of design is creating objects that stimulate, arouse feelings and are provocative, but are in parallel useful and effective. Beauty and functionality, two characteristics that perfectly define the work of this Danish designer.

Sørig’s weapons are his own senses. Observing, experiencing the project and executing it as if he were the end user.

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