BOS Barcelona Virtual Tour Showroom AR Metaverse

Enter our universe of executive furniture where you can live the BOS Barcelona experience as if you were walking in a Showroom at real size.

You can visit several office space settings such as a Boardroom, a Conference room, and a Presidential Office. This demo is a service we offer with Augmented Reality glasses to our customers if they like to when we go and visit them!


Luxury Cloud Collection

The office chair was designed to co-exist with contemporary and high-level architectural spaces. See the lovely way it blends in with the rest of the elements in the office or meeting rooms. A 5-star piece!

Easy clean ECO-leather

New easy clean eco-leather finish: Our eco-leather category now allows you to erase stains thanks to a special treatment applied in the manufacturing process. You will simply need a little alcohol applied with absorbent cotton.

BOS Barcelona. About The executive furniture company

BOS Barcelona is a manufacturer of high-end furniture for managers with more than 50 collections, 55 years of specialized and dedicated experience in the sector for 3 generations, 10 years warranty on all our products.

Integrated technology

BOS Barcelona creates inspiring meeting spaces that integrate innovative, state-of-the-art, fully customized office solutions.

It is the fusion of design and elegance with functionality and high professionalism. Different technological solutions for video, audio and connectivity.

PALMA. Executive office chair

The executive office chair was designed to co-exist with contemporary and high-level architectural spaces. See the lovely way it blends in with the rest of the elements in the office or meeting rooms. A 5-star piece!

LIGERA: Chair executive collection

Ligera is a collection of executive or Top Management chair with light and streamlined lines, respecting the requirements of ergonomics and comfort. Exquisiteness in the selection of materials used and top quality finishes, with an elegant and minimalist look.


BOS Barcelona’s international focus

International focus has always been a priority at BOS Barcelona. We have a long history of more than 30 years exporting to more than 40 countries around the world and we continue to open new markets. BOS Barcelona works far away from Spain with some Forbes list CEOs. The international market represents 90% of our sales.

Bank Albilad HQ furnished by BOS

BOS Barcelona products were selected to furnish all the executive floors of the new flagship building and headquarters of ALBILAD BANK in Riyadh.High-end desks, conference and meeting tables, chairs and sofas to enrich the VIP areas, as well as the offices of the CEO, CFO and the rest of the Board team located on the 12th floor.

LIGERA New executive chair collection

BOS Barcelona adds this new collection to its portfolio of executive chairs. This new launch designed by Roberto Danesi is inspired to offer a collection of directional armchairs with light and profiled lines, always respecting the requirements of ergonomics and comfort.

BOS Barcelona project for Santander Bank. Testimonial

Santander bank office furniture design project.
Images and architects’ comments on the projects developed for the corporate headquarters of Santander Private Bank with the BOS1964 collections.

BOS Barcelona project for Mercabarna. Testimonials

Furnishing project for Mercabarna’s meeting room. Client and architect’s testimonial about the project developed for Mercabarna’s main corporate headquarters with the BOS1964 collections: Aqua coffee table, Foro sofas and cabinets.

DAY 4 Orgatec Digital Edition. 2 years of new designs and collections

Always innovating to meet all the needs and expectations of the project!
Discover the designs and novelties incorporated into the executive collections of BOS Barcelona.

DAY 3 Orgatec Digital Edition.Elegant and functional environments incorporating technology.

Retractable automated screens integrated in a Conference table, videoconferencing system, audio microphone, connectivity cables, wireless phone chargers ….All solutions needed can be included in your project as we are experts in customization.

DAY 2 Orgatec Digital Edition. Discover the new upgrades of our executive chair LIGERA.

DAY 1 Orgatec Digital Edition. Visit our virtual stand.

BOS Barcelona at the 2018 ORGATEC edition

BOS Barcelona weekend Partners business trip 2019

BOS Barcelona weekend Partners business trip 2018

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