BOS Barcelona. About The executive furniture company

Integrated technology

PALMA. Executive office chair

LIGERA: The complete executive chair collection

BOS Barcelona’s international focus

Bank Albilad HQ furnished by BOS

LIGERA New executive chair collection

BOS Barcelona project for Santander Bank. Testimonial

BOS Barcelona project for Mercabarna. Testimonials

DAY 4 Orgatec Digital Edition. 2 years of new designs and collections

DAY 3 Orgatec Digital Edition. Elegant and functional environments incorporating technology.

DAY 2 Orgatec Digital Edition. Discover the new upgrades of our executive chair LIGERA.

DAY 1 Orgatec Digital Edition. Visit our virtual stand.

BOS Barcelona at the 2018 ORGATEC edition

BOS Barcelona weekend Partners business trip 2019

BOS Barcelona weekend Partners business trip 2018

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