LIGERA. Lightweight executive chair

Directional chair that is lightweight and streamlined, maintaining ergonomics and comfort.

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RENA. Manager chair

Executive series whose innovative features confer a great aesthetic and beauty to this chair. Striking for its double cushion upholstery with gorgeous leather and stitching.

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DIVA. Elegant office chair

This is the Diva of all BOS chair collections due to its modern and high-quality design, and exquisite finishes. Perfect for stylish and sophisticated executive settings.

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VELA. Executive chair

Versatile and utterly comfortable executive chair that adapts to any director's office. Wide back in different fabrics or leather. Available in three heights with cantilever base.

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MUSA. CEO chair

Chair with a stunning aesthetic, designed for sophisticated senior management settings in which design is an integral part of the expression of who we are.

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ARANDA. Conference table chair

Armchair with an original and elegant design. Perfect for large conference areas, meeting rooms or multipurpose waiting areas.

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LINA. Meeting room chair

Executive chair that is highly versatile for meeting and board rooms and visitor areas. Structure upholstered in a single volume so that it will match any environment.

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DEA. Ergonomic office chair

Dea is the exemplary chair for executive environments seeking both comfort and design. Classic style that perfectly combines elegance, quality and ergonomics.

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