2023 BOS Weekend

June 2023

Friday May 12th,  2023 BOS weekend edition was ON 🔛 !!
Exclusive days with the team and partners in our Headquarters & Showroom in Barcelona.
We invite our international contacts from Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Switzerland, and India here with us, to meet them in person, and strengthen relationships with them.

The ideal moment for Carsten Vestergren and Marco Ferrero to present our brand and executive furniture collections. They can test and touch the products, visit our factory to see how we manufacture them, and get some demos of integrated technology. And of course enjoy our lovely and unique  Barcelona city, architecture, food 🥘/restaurants (Traditional spanish dinner, dinner-show, Winery…), and entertainment!  3 days of good moments for all! You are welcome to come and visit us too…and live the same experience.

So…What happened next during this BOS weekend?
– Carsten Vestergren and Marco Ferrero prepared a special meeting with our special partner designer JORGE PENSI DESIGN STUDIO.
He’s our guest designer who created our 5 stars ⭐️ product: the presidential PALMA chair.

– Our guests discovered more about our brand and our manufacturing process, our materials treatments (such as wood, metal and leathers)

– They could see how our team works live in many details that represent our core values of Excellence and Top quality only.

Ex: Workers assembling pieces of a table, packaging process with customized protection for each bookcase door, packing box 📦 and mechanisms last checks for chairs

BOS Weekend 2023

And last but not least, we shared good moments during those 3 days! The best part end of our exclusive event is definitely the people!

Our international guests enjoyed our Spanish culture and warm hosting, our amazing modernist and modern Barcelona city, Mediterranean food, and entertainment!

They also appreciate knowing each other, building a group, and creating new professional contacts too, as they are all working in the same sector! Many of them were from the same region too, the Middle East, so it was easier for bonding.

They even shared the same passion for talking about FC Barcelona/ Real Madrid historical resentment…and finally, making friends between 2 activities around a table at a Rumba Show dinner or eating some “tapas” at a Bodega.

We truly appreciate them being part of this yearly event with us to share Bos Barcelona values and culture, to know better our brand and what we do.
BOS weekend 2023, c’est fini !
Thank you all for your attendance and see you soon!
And Now…for those who want to live such an experience, see you next year at BOS WEEKEND 2024 !


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