BOS Barcelona with Partners in Cyprus

August 2023

Who is BOS Barcelona ?

#bos1964 means 100% specialization in executive spaces company since 1964.

  • Our Team:

the best workman technicians, sales & design creatives, sometimes collaborating with the best product designers,

  • Our partners :

industrials, interiorists – architects and dealers for office projects in Finance, Administration/Governments, Energy, Health-Education,  Hotels/Private companies VIP meeting space area, reception rooms or Presidential desks.

  • Our Experience & international scope:

An international focus has always been a priority for us. We have a background of over 30 years’ experience exporting to some 40 countries around the world.

  • Our Core Values:

To reach this ambition we always put first our business relations with all our partners and focus on the human relationship we build with them. Our team is always available to listen to their specific needs and to meet them & teams at their office in order to ease the collaboration and future work together.

  • Our TOP Quality services:

We have been providing impeccable service for many years now, with customized innovative solutions for our clients and partners.

Here we are in Cyprus with STAMATIOU HOMES for exciting projects to come 🤗 for VIP  project in a luxury office Building in Limasol.
Our Executive director spent 2 days with our partner’s team members for training sessions about our collections, client office visit to discover the space to be furnished,  team building & work sessions for mood boards + furniture selection and draft for office design presentation proposal for this ambitious project.

We always collaborate hand in hand with our partners for each office space we design, we select the best options, we recommend the best materials and finishes, and above all, we elaborate customized designs and test all details required.

Trust is fundamental with all our partners to achieve success and create the best designs and projects for our customers, so we dedicated time helping and assisting our collaborator teams.

Our ultimate goals:

  • maximum satisfaction,
  • go the extra mile,
  • overreaching expectations.

We design products for executive spaces, the spaces in which decisions are made and make your vision a reality. Contact with us for any #officespace design project you have in mind ! We are experts with more than 50 years #experience .

We are experts in enhancing  VIP Office spaces !  Ask to our teams for more info or meet with us to develop a partnership and create high-end executive customized workplace design. We are always searching NEW architectural design agencies to collaborate with! 

We are opening many Showroom corners /spaces with our partners all around the world with more than 5 Showroom and many more to come … In Barcelona center + our fabrication center,  in Madrid with our partners Lambda3, in Ryiad with Atelier 21,  in Kazakhstan with OfficeSolution, or coming soon in India !  We would love to give you a tour , our teams are waiting for you !


Fore more information :
+34 932 370 942



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