BOS Barcelona, Packing before Shipping quality control process

May 2023

It was such a busy Monday for our factory near Barcelona!
Our team prepared more than 10 sofas ready for shipping abroad for a VIP client.

Did you know that our furniture packaging before shipment is also one of the Quality control process most critical step?

We realize a meticulous quality control check by our logistics team with a special attention to detail.
Wooden boxes are rock solid and carefully assembled and then, closed, to protect any piece of furniture we ship. Those pallets are selected to resist any bad treatments such as shocks during the trip.

Because we don’t want any damage, or breakage, and need to avoid bad surprises that could cause any delay!

Everything has to be perfect when the order arrives at the final destination where the client expects quality service to bring his high-end executive office project to life.

BOS Barcelona always guarantees Excellence, it means a level of service meeting the sector’s highest demands in Luxury office spaces.


This project is for a VIP client and its international Head Quarter, and more specifically to furnish various Reception areas and some Senior Executive Management offices.

Combining executive desks and chairs with a relaxing area in a CEO office gives the space both a functional and comfortable look.

If you have an Office Design project to come, contact our tea at BOS Barcelona where trust, service and demand are the pillars of our quality standards.

Our 10-years warranty is a pledge testifying the quality of our products.


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