BOS Barcelona, Pre-assembly quality control process

May 2023

Did you know about our ultra-demanding quality control process? We invite you to see some secrets of our factory…

Before each shipment for an order, ALL our products go through very meticulous and detailed quality control.

Here in the Granollers factory, the “Pre-Assembly” or “first assembly” stage of a customized BCN Tech conference table of more than 6 meters with multiple integrated technologies elements such as connectivity, Retractable Led screen… is carried out.

We check that all parts and pieces are perfect and that they fit well together, to avoid any bad surprises in the assembly after the shipment abroad, far away.

In case of adjustments, those are made faster and are solved directly in the factory with our technology, tools, and our experts.

This project is for a VIP client and is intended for his Boardroom in his Senior Executive Management CEO area.

As a result of not neglecting any detail in our high-quality service, large institutions and companies trust us for their executive furniture for meeting rooms, conference rooms, or offices.

If you have a project, at BOS Barcelona trust, service and exigency are the pillars of our seal of quality.

BOS Barcelona will be the new visible brand of BOS1964 and will be available in different forms :


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