BOS Barcelona 60 Years Anniversary

March 2024

At BOS Barcelona we are eager to celebrate 60 years with the lead of the Ferrero Family: A journey of design, innovation, craftsmanship, evolution and collaboration.

Barcelona Office Solutions started as an idea, the dream of an Italian engineer and entrepreneur that moved to Spain with a large experience in the industry within the Olivetti Group. He had a a unique vision for the rising office furniture industry.

Sometimes dreams may sound crazy but that’s usually how big achievements happen.

It began in 1964 in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan and Inspirational dynamic city with a Vibrant & unique architecture and from there it moved globally!

The company’s vision aimed to cultivate a superior, aesthetically pleasing, and highly functional professional and business environment conducive to the productivity and well-being of employees, staff, top management, entrepreneurs, and organizations alike. This envisioned space would facilitate seamless collaboration, foster creativity, and empower effective decision-making processes.

Over the span of 6 decades from founder Enzo Ferrero to his current grandchildren Blanca and Marco Ferrero, the Team (& the company) has adapted to rapid industry changes, profound social evolutions in the workplace /work environment, major design trends & many technological innovations.

However our dedication to creating the best executive spaces possible, adapted to all specific needs and the Excellence of Service remains the same.

Today, BOS Barcelona is +50 collections, +150 partners, and +5000 office furniture projects in more than 40 countries around the world . A 3-family generations success for Excellence executive furniture made in Spain!

Let’s rewind the tape 60 years during 2024 remembering & highlighting selected moments of the past and retrace some steps that took us to this milestone.

Finally, BOS Barcelona would not be the same without you (partners, customers, collaborators, dealers, designers & suppliers)…Thank you so much for your continued trust.

So stay tuned to see more & get inspired, let’s toast to the 60 years passed and cheers to the 60 years to come!

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