BOS premium Space India Opening

January 2024

Hello India ! We are proud to open this new market for our our brand.

Visiting last November 2023 our authorized premium dealer Seating World Office Showroom, located in Hyberabad, Telangana region, one of the most dynamic & active of the country for the office sector.
There is a BOS Barcelona corner  in this official Steelcase Showroom where our brand is displayed among other reference executive furniture brands such as Steelcase with many office chairs.

The selection includes some of our top collections:

Such a Nice setting and warm welcoming from the team ! The installations are really great and reflect the expertise of our office executive furniture sector.

India as a huge potential and it’s a pleasure to collaborate on this project & journey with our partner Seating Wolrd Office .

In Bos Barcelona, we’re operating in more than 40 counties all around the world and we are always happy to add a new one to our portfolio and reach new markets.


Come and visit us in India !

– You can discover many of our VIP Office designs in our Projects section on our website or in our Instagram account or LinkedIn.

– Ask for, a demo anytime to our team if you want to see our office furniture collections and visit this premium space to learn more about our high-end furniture solutions.

Fore more information :
+34 932 370 942

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