NeoCon 2024

July 2024

NeoCon 2024, Office furniture Trade Show held from June 10 to 12, showcased innovative designs and ideas under the theme “Design Takes Shape” in the MART, Chicago. Recognized as the world’s premier platform for commercial design, NeoCon featured a variety of products and solutions tailored for healthcare, education, and corporate environments. The event highlighted the infinite possibilities in design, with a focus on adaptability, growth, and harmony.

It was our first NeoCon show, the 55th edition in 2024, as brand exhibitor with our partner Bold+ and its amazing team. Our Director Carsten Vestergren & CEO Marco Ferrero had such busy days…So thankful to be part of this journey & American adventures last week in Chicago.

We had a blast and enjoyed every moment during this Trade Show with so many brands & design solutions.
We carefully selected modern lines and finishes featuring some of our favorite collections  for our Bos Barcelona brand corner at NeoCon show 2024 last June:

SUPRA PLUS Top Executive desk
ALEX Executive Lounge chair
PALMA Presidential chair
LIGERA Original lightweight office chair

& LIGERA Parallel

We had the privilege to be part of this amazing event at the Mart in Chicago where convened thousands of manufacturers, dealers, designers, architects and the very best of the design furniture & office solution industry.

Thank you to our partner BOLD+ and its team for such an incredible opportunity.

We loved the experience and its unique energy: multiples product launches, exciting keynotes, great presentations & speakers, networking events and some fun moments too. Really excited to work with this new market, stay tuned for more news !

See you all next year !

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