New BOS Barcelona Space in Madrid !

August 2023

Happy to present our new Brand space in Madrid with Premium authorized dealer LAMBDA3: an amazing modern office Space and design inspiration for commercial interiors, perfect for CEOs & Directors ! You can visit this new space dedicated to BOS Barcelona Collections in LAMBDA3 installations in Madrid. You will see 2 stunning office sets and a spectacular Meeting space with integrated technology boardroom table.The result is such an elegant combination of our collections here for this office space !

They choose Bos Barcelona to enhance sophistication, expertise and functionality for an elite executive office furniture corner and they love the result.

  • The first High Executive Office set 

It includes several collections for a contemporary look & impeccable design :

AQUA Manager Desk with his right credenza and large leather central piece, beige + cabinet for storage

DIVA Chair high backrest (&low)

–  Palma Presidential Chair  mid-backrest in beige leather and wood  from JORGE PENSI Design Studio.

ALEX Lounge chair in grey  – soft touch finish

FORO Armchair Wood & beige leather 

– X64 round coffee table 

Neutral & bright tones for furniture finishes match perfectly the interior and offer a cosy ambiance. This office inspiration gives you a perfect example of a sophisticated and optimized workspace area. A XL elegant & functional desk, storage solution,  comfortable chairs and a relax area.

  • BCN Tech Conference table

We are thrilled to present our latest marvel in conference room design! Our new bespoke  customized BCN Tech  Conference meeting table   redefines sophistication, boasting top-notch lacquered wood and premium leather materials.We’ve seamlessly integrated cutting-edge technology to elevate meeting experiences, featuring a motorized lift LED screen from Arthur Holm, a flip cover with a power strip, and convenient connectivity accessories.  Decoration is supplemented LIGERA chairs collection  Parallel

Embrace the future of corporate gatherings with style and functionality! You can see a more complete version of this stunning best seller collection in our Showroom in Barcelona too and get demo. 



  • 3rd Executive Office space area :

Transforming a Top Manager or Head office space with the  SUPRA Plus Executive desk side XL credenza with niches + connectivity and the matching XL Cabinet dresser

 In LAMBDA3  Madrid Showroom, the collection is featured in a modern interior design and stands the perfect Workspace “Goals” for a Director office. With its specific tailor-made custom extra wide table top, this sleek and sophisticated desk brings a clean look to this Manager workspace. Not only does it offer ample room for any professional needs, but it also allows the host to offer his 2 guests the comfort to work side by side just in front of him. Perfect for tactical talks without having to change for a meeting room. You stay in your main office in a less intimidating or more private environment.

Because sometimes, tough decisions or confidential matters implies more close-up configurations. This top seller desk, adaptable in sizes and finishes to any kind of need is completed with:

–  our n.1 LIGERA lightweight executive chair collection  Original,  in grey, beige,  midback-rest height and armrest options.

– and a cabinet & Credenza as complementary furniture for more storage.

Did you find this office space inpitarating ? We are experts in taking productivity and elegance to the next level!  Ask for your customized workplace design to our teams.We are so proud to develop more Showroom spaces with our partners in different locations ! More than 5 and more to come … We would love to meet you there.

So Come and discover our collections first hand in Barcelona center + our fabrication center, here in Madrid with our partners Lambda3, in Ryiad with Atelier 21,  in Kazakhstan with OfficeSolution, or coming soon in India ! 

Our teams are waiting for you !


Fore more information :
+34 932 370 942



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