Meeting the needs of Mercabarna’s conference rooms!

December 2017

Designed by Estudio 23:45

Mercabarna is a public enterprise based in Barcelona, recognized internationally as a benchmark company responsible for ensuring the provision of fresh food coming from all over the world. The company, aiming on becoming the Mediterranean food hub, gathers up the activity of more than 700 companies and generates a 26-million-euro turnover.

With this international focus, Mercabarna seeked to design its central offices in accordance to its high corporate image and international market position. Bos 1964 was selected to build the headquarters’ main conference space, in which we combined high office design and working comfort with the best technological solutions.


Our broad portfolio and expertise in providing excellence in conference room solutions, met all the needs and expectations, turning Bos 1964 into a strategic partner for this furnishing project.


Bos 1964 designs and produces high quality furniture for premium office spaces of leading companies worldwide which pursue to create a work ambiance in agreement with their market position and corporate image.

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