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Project for DUSSUR -Riyadh


Bos Barcelona was selected to furnish the emblematic building and headquarters of DUSSUR, located in the Business Gate area of Riyadh city.


Dussur is a key component of the Kingdom’s vision to create a globally competitive industrial sector acting as a major tool for transforming national resources into sustainable wealth.



Collections included in the project

BOS Barcelona products in the project


TOURING. Presidential Desk


Elevates executives’ offices to new heights of exclusivity and sophistication. For CEOs and managing directors whose offices express who they are.

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TOURING. Meeting and conference table

Meeting tables

Table for conferences or unique and exclusive meetings for corporate senior management areas. Adds professionalism and sophistication to the corporate space.

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MUSA. CEO chair


Chair with a stunning aesthetic, designed for sophisticated senior management settings in which design is an integral part of the expression of who we are.

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