2023 NeoCon Show

June 2023

“Excited to share our Team experience at NeoCon Show 2023, the World’s leader commercial design event of the year, mostly for US Market, Canada & South America but also Far East Asia (Singapour, Korea, Taiwan)! 

As we roamed through the halls of THE MART in Chicago, we were captivated by the innovative products, inspiring conversations, and the vibrant atmosphere. NeoCon truly delivered a multifaceted and immersive experience for the thousands of industry professionals gathered from around the world.

The 10th annual HiP Awards ceremony, hosted by Interior Design, kicked off the festivities with a bang. Congratulations to all the winners who were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the industry.  

One of the highlights at NeoCon 2023 was exploring the latest trends shaping commercial design. From tables designed with Zoom calls in mind to insights from industry insiders, Interior Design editors rounded up the must-see trends that are revolutionizing the future of design. 

Our objective there was to learn about the US Executive furniture and commercial contract Market structure where brand Showrooms are key for the targets to be visible and more legitimate. 

We had anticipated the event by preparing for it, and we took advantage of the opportunity to organize some meetings with American manufacturers, dealers and Asian partners to explore collaboration opportunities. We visited some of the main architecture studios of Chicago too. 

We identified a high interest for customized Boardroom tables and a rising demand for natural stone finishes options in desks too, together with the need for functionality such as systematic interest for height adjustable desks. 

Throughout the event, our team had the chance to visit showrooms, engage in roundtable discussions, and witness the transformative power of design. The ShowDaily publications by Interior Design provided daily updates, showcasing the latest trends, immersive showrooms, and conversations with industry change-makers. We discover the cutting-edge innovations that were unveiled by the main brands and Manufacturer there such as ARPER, HAWORTH, AIS, Scandinavian Spaces , Formica, Keilhauer, Andreu World, Frövi,….

NeoCon 2023 also emphasized the evolving landscape of workplace design. With the shift to remote work and the desire for more inviting, user-friendly spaces, designers, architects, and manufacturers are reimagining the concept of work environments. It’s an exciting time to witness the fusion of comfort, wellness, sustainability, and collaboration in commercial spaces. 

We were grateful for the opportunity to be part of this remarkable event, where creativity and innovation converge, as visitors we reunited with one of our best partners from Qatar, IDesign UAE. As a Spanish manufacturer, we honored the invitation to the Kriskadecor event at La ROCA showroom. We also attended some other events and visited some Showrooms in Fulton Market where we met with the iconic Polish designer Mac Stopa to talk about a possible collaboration…

Thank you, NeoCon Show 2023, for inspiring us all to push the boundaries of design and create meaningful spaces.

Looking forward to connecting with industry professionals who attended NeoCon Show 2023 and sharing our thoughts on the latest trends and innovations in commercial design. 

Let’s continue the conversation!


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